Filtration System to Increase pH and Acid Water Control Corrosion

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KleenWater Whole House Water Filtration System to Increase pH and Acid Water Control Corrosion

  • Designed to provide sediment entrapment down to 5 microns
  • Provides control corrosion caused by acidic pH
  • Transparent filter housings Made in Italy of safe polyethylene
  • Includes 2 filter housings, wrench, 2 zinc coated steel mounting brackets, 1 sediment and 1 pH corrosion control cartridge
  • Protects the hot water system and appliances from corrosion and scale accumulation

The KleenWater Sediment and Corrosion Control Water Filtration System is specifically designed for residential and light commercial applications that have water with low pH levels. The pH scale uses a range from 0 to 14, with 7.0 indicating neutrality. Numbers beginning at 7.0 and moving toward 0 indicate acidity, while the numbers beginning at 7.0 and moving toward 14 indicate alkalinity, so the scale divides acids from bases. Water below 7 are corrosive to copper plumbing, plumbing fixtures and hot water systems. The first stage of our dual filter system uses our KW4520G dirt, rust and sediment filter cartridge. This 5 micron filter cartridge features ends caps and gaskets which facilitate a positive seal and superior filtration. The transparent housing allows visual inspection of cartridge condition. It recommended this filter cartridge be replaced every 8 -12 months.

Second in series is our KW4520-CorrCon. This filter contains magnesium oxide and calcium carbonate alkaline media to boast pH from acidic to neutral or even slightly alkaline. As the acidic water passes through the this stage of the filtration process a small amount alkaline filtration media is dissolved into the water thus bringing the pH toward neutral. Also this filter contains FDA approved Siliphos Spheres to sequester the alkaline hardness mineral that is often naturally occurring and that is added as a result of the neutralizing process . This contains an ideal combination of orthophosphates and polyphosphates. The orthophosphates react with the calcium bicarbonates in the water supply to form a thin, tight, non-corrosive, passivating film on pipe walls. This film is almost like a glass coating, separating the water from the metal plumbing/hot water system.

  • Model: KW4520-Twin-Sediment-Corrosion

  • Model: KW4520-Twin-Sediment-Corrosion

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