String Wound Filter Cartridges

Commercial String Wound Dirt, Sediment and Rust Replacement Water Filter Cartridges is a commercial, industrial and home replacement string wound filter supplier. We offer quantity discounts on top quality replacement cartridges. Made in America.

5, 20 and 50 Micron Polypropylene Wound Filters
Choose from 5 micron, 20 micron and 50 micron quick selection string wound filter shopping. We can quickly get you most filters from 1 to 100 microns with a combination of end configurations. Please call us at 877-553-3698 for specialty filters. Most will ship within a day or two.

Water and Fluid String Filters for Most Major Brands
Low cost compatible polypropylene wound filters for almost all brand name filter housings including: GE, Culligan, 3M Cuno, Pentek, Ametek, Liquatec, Shelco, Whirlpool and more...

**Explanation of nominal & absolute micron rating. It is generally interpreted as meaning 85% of the particles equal to the nominal micron rating will be retained by the filter. Whereas, 99.9% of the particles equal to the absolute rating will be retained by the filter. The smaller the micron rating the better the particle entrapment capability.

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